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With two grown boys and an eye toward a future that includes more family and entertainment, our clients sought a larger home in their beloved DC neighborhood. After finding a prized double lot, the couple built a 6,000 square-foot house from the ground up. Collaborating early in the project with the architect, we created proportionally-sized spaces that worked with our clients’ vision. Although one half of the couple prefers a more modern look and the other more traditional, we mixed both to create a timeless style. Their beautiful art collection from African American artists became a source of inspiration for all design and finishes.


Full interior design services for all interior and exterior spaces

Furnishings and soft furnishings selection, purchasing, and installation

Architectural finish selection

Lighting design and selection

Hardware selection, purchasing, and installation

Artwork selection

Accessory selection and styling


Architect: Thomson & Cooke

Contractor: Banks Development Company 

Landscape Architects: Campion Hruby 

Audio Visual: ABE Networks 

Workroom: Everett Design

Photography: Stacy Zarin Goldberg

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